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Meet Keith

Keith uses big data tools to help Safety Leaders develop effective corrective actions. Before founding Bowers Management Analytics, Keith spent two decades with Honeywell in diverse EH&S and ISC roles where he gained the domain knowledge needed to successfully apply big data tools.

Keith is an avid hiker, backpacker and outdoorsman who spends his leisure time outside with his family. Keith is also active in the data science community; teaching and helping new data scientists develop their skills.  

Education & Certifications

Keith earned a BA from Colgate University, an MS from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Arizona State University. Keith’s certifications include Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP, and a Data Science Certificate from The Johns Hopkins University. He is also a proficient R and Python programmer and Stan modeler.

Proven Experience

Keith has been successful working with high-performing safety programs to develop effective corrective actions from their existing data using big data tools. His unique combination of integrated supply chain, big data,  and EH&S skills allows BMA to drive program strategies that maximize results and advance client goals.

He is coauthor and lead investigator for the special publication entitled New Concepts for a Big Data Safety Strategy from the Campbell Institute of the National Safety Council.

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We Specialize In…


Predictive Modeling


Industrial Safety


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